Commercial Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency light fittings include a battery as a backup power source that is continuously charged. Emergency light fittings can tell when the power has failed and immediately switch to using the backup battery.

Emergency lights are standard in commercial buildings and most building codes require that they must be installed. We offer many emergency lighting solutions and we are able to provide help and advice on choosing the right fitting for your buildings requirements.

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Wall Washing

Wall washing is a popular name for a lighting technique for the illumination of large surfaces. It is mainly used with contemporary architecture; in public cultural buildings, museums, galleries and in the hospitality industry.
We can provide the lighting to create a wide variety of wall washing techniques, to produce evenly illuminated walls every time. It is a tool to create lighter spaces and make rooms seem brighter or higher.

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Lighting Installs

We have an experienced team of electricians who can facilitate the install and logistics of any lighting requirement for any commercial premises.

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Warehouse Lighting

When it comes to warehouse lighting, two key aspects are required. We focus heavily on insuring there is the right amount of light to ensure a safe working environment, while delivering the most efficient energy consumption lighting.

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Bespoke Lighting

Lighting is all about creating a mood and a flow through an environment, and getting it right has a huge impact on your customers. We design lighting layouts and recommend the best products right for you. Our in-house team will work with you to create spectacular bespoke pieces and if you’d like to see what your design will look like prior to installation, we develop 3D, computer-generated walk-throughs which let you explore the space.  For example, we would install wall washing lighting to create a sense of warmth and space.

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